Current JPB Agenda

 South Central Community Based Initiative

Joint Powers Board Meeting


July 20, 2018

10:00 am  

Nicollet County Government Center Offices

Conference Room

2070 Howard Drive West, North Mankato, MN

9:00am      Approval of Minutes of the June 2017 meeting

9:05am     Approval of the Agenda

9:10am   Public Comment – members of the public may have 2 minutes to address the board regarding any topic on the agenda

9:15 am     DHS Update-Gloria Smith (also provided in handout)

9:30 am     RMT Report-Amy Haas

9:40 am     June Vendor Report*

9:45 am     2019-2020 Crisis Grant Applications*

10:10 am   SCCBI Bylaws*

10:15 am   2018 Fall Conference*

10:25 am   Funding proposals for CBC positions*

11:00 am   Regional Manager Updates

  • Regional Telepresence-TCM and Crisis Center
  • 2019-2020 AMHI Grant Application
  • Regional Profile (and related survey to counties)
  • Crisis Line Update

11:25 am  Any additional agenda items

11:30 am   Adjourn

*Action Item